the following pasta is of a lost yakkity yak episode that was never found until now...

Ded high pants

title card...

the pastaEdit

one summer afternoon i was on my computer i was broad so i decided to look up yakkity yak episodes and one search on eBay entitled "YAKKITY YAK ALL EPISODES" with the price of one dollar i bought the DVD any way it came on saturday morning the front of the DVD was of mr. high pants but he was crying after looking i popped the DVD into my DVD player and only one episode played it was called "DED HIGH PANTS" but the "dead" word was misspelled "DED" then it cut to mr. high pants at his candy shop making an invention but yakkity was interrupting then when mr. high pants was about to yell at yakkity the screen froze and a man with black eyes and red pupils looked at the screen keep in mind the screen was still frozen then the screen cut to mr. high pants on his bed crying what seemed to be...blood...i was confused at it being blood maybe it was a glitch or scratched too much to fix the picture then the screen slowly fades to black and it shows yakkity dancing with his friends then mr. high pants appears behind him and...kills him at that split second(maybe i was just seeing things...?) then it shows yakkity's grave i was right he did get killed but why then i said "WHY MR. HIGH PANTS...WHY DID YOU DO THAT..." then mr. high pants reponded to me "BECAUSE YAKKITY WAS ANNOYING ME...THATS WHY...!" i quickly tried to take the DVD out but then i pushed back then high pants spoke again:

mr. high pants: NO NO! your helping me!!!"

mr. high pants: EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO..."

(then mr. high pants got red eyes and sharp teeth and the viewer was never seen again no one remembers him any way if you see a DVD saying "yakkity yak" don't get it...or the same thing will happen to you...just warning...)