The episodeEdit

Now, here's some info about the actual episode.

I went into his computer, where the episode was disguised as "williesfate.exe" (it was a pretty clever disguise, I didn't even think it was the file before I went into BitTorrent saw it listed after episode #26). I clicked on it, and it opened a .wmv file, despite any normal file saying it was not capable to be viewed. Does BitTorrent even use .wmv? The episode cut directly to the theme song...but the theme song was backwards. I reversed the audio, but then it went silent. I reversed it back, in which it was still backwards, but better then having no sound at all.

The screen suddenly went blank. It cut to coco, looking full-screen. I had never set it to full-screen. I was already creeped out. coco turned his head, in which a cracking sound was heard. Oh my god. I thought. I think I'm gonna be sick... It showed a graveyard, which said "R.I.P..." and the rest of the name was covered in dirt. Everybody was there, though. I couldn't remember a face that wasn't there. Every OC I had ever seen. They were all there, just looking like all purpose in life had been destroyed. willie moaned...his face turned blue...

That's when I realized...everybody were all zombies. There was just one they were trying to bring back from the dead. It was like an apocalypse. I heard a gunshot and screamed. The grave was opened. It was someone I couldn't tell...they were wearing a black mask, and the only sign of them was their red legs.

Then, my computer started to act up. It popped up a window.

"Windows Media Player is not responding. If you close now, you will lose willie and coco."

I noticed the typo...another message popped up.

"why didn't you listen to me i thought you love bill gates..."

The message immediately closed, and the video continued on, but now cut to a black message:

"your days are numbered jammiy nutron"

I believed the message...I know it will happen one day...


i tried to fix the PC However, the PC was haunted by Death, and he had made me evil.

thy are weak.