I worked as stop-motion maker alongside the production staff for the Volvic water company, A commercial with a dino named Allen including a sinister character named George, who was seen with a toothy grin, and offset, circular eyes. George always struck me as a somewhat frightening character, but I never openly opposed to the idea since I wasn't entirely in charge of the production. The commercial had an overall cheery mood, so the cast was mostly friendly and inviting. There was never a moment I had dreaded my job. One Week Ago I was at a flea Market I found a tape called "VOLVIC: GEORGE'S SECRET" I thought it was a joke... So I took it home. I inserted the tape into my VCR "VOLVIC.avi" the title card came up, It showed George at a dinner-table in a dimly-lit room, a knife sitting alongside him on the table.

George looked into the screen briefly, before setting his head down onto the table. The film remained this way for a good 30 seconds before it switched to a new scene, A scene from the first Commercial Then It showed Allen, Cut Open. George Appeared, Eating Allen's Organs... Then It showed myself at 10, Dead. Then It Ended, The episode ended there. Sometime in 2005 a user named GEORGE uploaded a video called GEORGE'S SECRET

It was the episode, because it was a private video not that many people watched it, sometime the YouTube staff watched it, and left a comment on his account telling him that Volvic was going to find where he lived and take him to jail for his crime. Volvic later stopped production of the commercials and closed for awhile... The Video was played with frames from OTW and TGOC and a frame from Red Mist.