Number 7 SONIC CD hidden image: this is a creepy image that was hidden in sonic it was a creepy image and was one of a crazy creepypasta story and the text was written in Japanese....werid.....
Sonic CD Hidden Message

Sonic CD Hidden Message

Number 8 SONIC HEROES.exe a sequel to sonic.exe: the story goes as I was a sonic fan but after what was nice sunny summer afternoon and I was downloading a rom for sonic heroes and I found that it was .exe weird...? I opened the rom and the title looked distorted I pressed start and I went to the team select but I could only choose team rose and the level name was DUCKANDHIDE act 1 and I could not duck so sonic with pale fur and black eyes with red pupils flied at Amy cream and big the cat and killed them and ate them alive and then it cut to a pic of sonic running with a gun and then a pic of a gun showed up and then it cut to a scary realistic sonic with red glowing pupils and black eyes looking at me! And my computer crashed and I never looked at the game the same way again the only screenshot is a pic of the bootleg of the game hack..

The bootleg version.....

Number 9 red mist lost episode of spongebob: here's the video it's creepy....I got to say its a famous creepypasta/urban legend
Sponge Bob - Red Mist (Lost Scary Episode)

Sponge Bob - Red Mist (Lost Scary Episode)

Number 10 Charlie Brown cd: a short creepypasta and the only pic is this
Charlie Brown evil

Here the pic

Number 11 the Cosmo plush: a evil plush that looks like Cosmo there no story but a pic of the horror that is the Cosmo plush
Evil cosmo

Oh no's it's him!