blog post#1: One day i was buying a new laptop on eBay when i came across a pre owned windows XP laptop for free so i bought it. It came on saturday i opened up the computer made my own user name and password and started using it. i was looking through the files until i found a video file called "UPSIDEDOWNSHOW.wmv" so i decided to copy it on to a blank CD-R disc and put it into my dvd player it played. It had full seasons of a show i remember as a kid called the upside down show. so excited as i was i started to watch the episodes after watching all 13 day by day i wanted to go to sleep.

blog post#2: Today i decided to watch the 14th episode(which was odd do to the fact the upside down show only had 13 episodes) so i pressed play and it said that the file didn't exist so i decided to make the episode into its own disc. after turning the episode into its own disk i decided to watch it. i pressed play the theme song played but it slow and almost sounding demonic and screaming could be heard in the background. the title card read "THE HORRIBLE FATE OF PUPPET" the screen cut to puppet being rude and off character to the schmuzzies calling them harsh words that would not belong in a kids show maybe this was cancelled or scrapped episode that was planned but never released to the public. after that the screen blurred and twitched in on itself then it cuts to 'schmuzzies but this time they were talking in a high pitched human language "HE MEAN TO US WE KILL HIM!!!" one 'schmuzzie said. all the 'schmuzzies agreed and headed off to get supples for their plan. then it cuts to puppet on the couch reading with sunglasses on. shane walks up to him his jaw bends down and his eyes became white "memachmalouch" it wasn't a word it wasn't a language but a gibberish language then the schmuzzie began to eat puppet and rip him apart the screen went crazy and flicker more and more and more until the pixels of my TV broke and shattered. then shane turned into a nightmarish monster black stuff came out of his mouth i think this maybe th99898989.

epilogue: the original writer went missing and was never seen again the DVD was broken and shattered all across the floor and the floor was covered in black liquid.

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