It was a regular summer night. I was lying in bed, reading some willie fanfic and they really got me in the mood to play some willie 2! So I went onto vizzed looked in my subscription box and found a new willie 2 hack! It was really weird though it was called "Unrealending.exe" I Thought this was just a creepypasta hack of some fan game, but it wasn't. So i checked the description and there was a link to a file called "Willie.exe" I Downloaded and opened the file and a pixelated Willie doll appeared with his eyes bleeding HYPER-REALISTIC BLOOD and he screamed and it sounded EXTREMELY REALISTIC! Then I was loaded into the boss room where puppet willie was waiting then he opened his eyes and the battle started! Then I killed by puppet willie and the screen froze and he jumped out of my laptop and started floating about! He then grabbed me by the collar and said "HEY GUY IT'S JIGSaW AND YOU'RE GOING TO Die like pie marf!" I Was so scared but he let me go and i have lots of nightmare now. That was a werid unreal ending like it said... Snoop like snoop like loop! And a patrixx came out