The monster in mirror made a deal with me...Edit

"The monster in the mirror" is a fanfic/theory to skull monkeys neverhood 2) in why Klaymen is in a new strange world and what was the deal between Klogg and klaymen.

Chapter 1: behind the characters...Edit

  • Klaymen was a person who only cared for himself when klogg kidnapped willie he did nothing but run away like a coward.
  • Willie was a little child also a coward. fear was the only thing that stabbed him on the back.
  • Klogg was a mean evil man who betrayed his brother hoburg and kidnapped willie and then he and willie went missing.

​Chapter 2: the monster in the mirror made a dealEdit

  • Lord klogg's diary 9/9/66- i kidnapped klaymen's friend willie... i made a deal that he broke. Well... atleast i still have willie. Oh willie don't cry theres nothing you can do to survive.
  • Lord klogg's diary 9/10/66- On my way to get get home i found a mirror. "So you must be klogg i heard about you but theres something that always gets in your way like a rat... hes klaymen but... i'll make a deal if you give me willie's body as a host body i'll kill klaymen and willie and bring them to my world" then i said yes.
  • Lord klogg's diary 9/9/9- Oh no the monsters out of control some one got to stop him pleas73434343.

Chapter 3: The monster's worldEdit

After killing klaymen and klogg and willie and using willie's body to go ruin others. Klogg over killed the monster and took over his world but klaymen stopped him but is now stuck there for the rest of his life... then in 3003 Tommynaut and beak beak discovered this world called "The nightmare king's world also known as armikrog" now their in for a treat... hee hee hee.

Author's notesEdit

i came up with this theory after awhile so i wanted to post it here... enjoy....