So do anyone remember The Three Stooges? The episodes I enjoy the most the episodes with Moe, Larry and Shemp. I have the 6th volume that I watched every episode that has Shemp in it.

The other day I was at the garage cleaning up when I came across a VHS tape. I looked at the label, it has a tiny drop of A blood stain. I got confused. I plug the VCR and check out the VHS tape.

I rewind the VHS and I grabbed my 2 leftover double Cheeseburgers and loaded cheese and bacon bits fries I had last night and grabbed a soda and plop onto the couch. I pressed play on the remote.

It showed the Columbia Tristar Home Video logo came on and then the screen went to black for a minute. The Three Stooges intro came on and it didn't had no title on the episode.

The episode started out with Shemp dusting the wall, Larry was making the bed and Moe was cleaning the dishes. "Well if the landlord would like this clean, he would give us a wad of cash." said Moe.

"You can say that again." said Shemp.