There was this high school just ten minutes outside Ballarat, Victoria. It was called Mount Clear College. They had to burn it down because something extremely terrible occurred at the Canadian mini-school lockers. There was this kid called Michael. He was a brand new Year 7 student, like me. On the first day of 2015, me and a friend warned him about the legend we learned on Orientation Day (while we were still Year 6's at primary school), called The Locker To Hell. The locker number was 121, and it's combination was 22-22-22. Pretty simple to figure out. It was made simple so it would be more easy to claim victims. When you open it, there is this red vortex. You hear demonic chanting, and you are sucked into it, and never seen again. Well, Michael thought it was a bunch of baloney, and we worried what might happen to him. He marched right to the lockers and did the combination. When it opened, really loud demonic chanting was heard and a red vortex was in the locker. The wind blew me and my friend away, it was so powerful. Off Michael went, to painful death. We had to take our school textbooks, pencil cases and everything out of our lockers and evacuate. The school was going to get burnt down. First of all, the blow torch would not light, even though gasoline was practically everywhere. But then, it happened. A demonic explosion melted the school, and not only that, killed us. Here we are in heaven, scarred for life and unable to learn ever again. We are just sitting on those iPads given to us Year 7's, playing games using heaven's WiFi.

And it was all Michael's fault.