Do you know that Internet show "Taco Man the video game master" Well there's a lost episode I found while hacking into Sam-T's website I found a .wmv file what the heck... It was labeled "TAKOMAH" Wtf is a title like that I converted it to a DVD... Surprised it was an episode of taco man... It started with Taco Man going down to the kitchen... He found a chest, he opened it and a flash of static came on screen... Taco man was holding a gun now.


Image from the episode

He pointed the gun at himself he sang a lullaby:

"Why... World why cruel world You'll tortured me so much.. If my name isn't Sam... Why world why world you'll tortured me so... Darn! Much... Now goodbye!!"

Then Taco Man shot himself, realistic blood splattered every where... The monster possessed taco man's body and stood up covered in goo. Then the .wmv ended I stood and stare... What time is it:


"Check your time again Nicolas!"