I really love Taco-man the game master, and I try to see all of the episodes. I was real busy in real life, so I didn't get to see the last few episodes. Since I was gonna buy the bootleg DVDs for the episodes since i did not get alot of money anyway. I thought I go buy it now. Anyway, when I got it I put it in my DVD player as soon as I got home. I knew there were only couple episodes. The "last" episode was called: "trouble with virtual boy" After I saw the episode I was just about to pop the DVD out when the intro came on again. I could've sworn that was the last episode. Since I was very curious about this "lost" episode (For which I'll call it for now) I decided to watch it. Seeing as there was. I figured it had to be a lost one. The lost episode intro ended and the title card came up. and the title was "Taco-man's Suicide episode 8." I was slightly confused at this point seeing that Taco-man wouldn't commit suicide...or would he? The episode started off at the palace of power. Princess polygon yelling at Taco-man to get his lazy ass up and help some video game that was in trouble; normally Taco-man didn't really care about helping, but this time he was very annoyed at helping. This was a few days after the defeat of The virtual boy, and taco-man wanted a break from helping and fighting for video game land's rights. He'd go up to the beach now and again. Taco-man moved out of the palace of power and it show him accidentally getting hit by a truck and interpose then the credits rolled and the Sam t popped up on the screen with red gum sockets and fell down and some demon's voice said taco-man and Sam t are dead and oh my gosh is tha-


Image from the episode