Creepy sonic figure

A photo of creepy sonic at the split second at the title screen

I was a big fan of beta related stuff you know sonic 2 beta sonic 1 beta etc. etc. but I found one that I'm scared at looking at.....I was for sonic 2 beta download when I found a download called sonic cd the first beta ever so I downloaded it the Sega cd loading screen started and when it got to the part where sonic wags his finger and out comes sparkle and the Sega jingle instead it was just the Sega logo no Jingle no sonic waging his finger nothing just a splat of red stuff(Maybe blood) where sonic use to be and the title screen was inverted and sonic was not waging his finger the music was slow pitched almost sounding demonic...! I pressed start and checked out the cutscene it was just static but one frame shocked me sonic instead his skin was black and blood was coming from his mouth and the act was distorted and the animals were dead and red stuff was under them and I quitted and when to sound test and entered the number to get the weird Japanese message Somari and when I pressed start a level popped up but I was the creepy sonic and the level was on fire and the creepy sonic started to died and The GAME OVER logo came up and then the creepy sonic's face filled the screen with his face screaming in pain then a text box appeared Saying SONIC IS DEAD! I quickly tried to turn off my computer but it will not turn off so I destroyed my computer and then the creepy sonic came out trying to killed I shot it! And ran away from my house that blow up with the computer I never played sonic cd again even though it was a beta..