history of Sack factEdit

I remember when i was a kid i remember a show called Sack fact it was about a light blue colored sack called sack fact or just fact the puppet(sack fact) was sweat shirt sleeve he would go on adventures sometimes using his time machine(it reminded me of mr. peabody and Sherman) it was released on DVD and was on Tv alright lets begin our story shall we.

The pastaEdit

while watching Tv a hotspot the dog ad came on it was of the one where hotspot and ben are at the train station then i saw something sneak up on ben and hotspot it was familiar i noticed what it was... IT WAS SACK FACT! the scene warped and hotspot and ben were replaced by blood puddles and sack fact's laughing could be heard... i then turned off the tv and began looking for my sack fact VHS... then i found it. it was in good condition i decied to put it in my vcr and then the episode began it started with sack fact shouting out the winner kid's name then he said my name "ITS DAVIS YAY!" then he turned to screen "WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE YOU LOVE THOSE INSOLENT HOTSPOT AND BEN AND SOLOMON FIX" then he said "IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU NOBODY WILL!!!" he became a demonic monster and was heading for the tv i knocked the tv over and the vcr broke i can never forgive sack fact for his mistakes.