Do you ever watch SpongeBob SquarePants? I always watched it when I was little. But one time... the fear and horror came to me. I had nightmares for days.... almost a decade. It was a SpongeBob Lost Episode. I was curious of it and thought "Oh look, a SpongeBob episode! I might enjoy it like when I was little." Think again.

The intro came up but it was slow and had demonic, deep voices and SpongeBob was laughing then a blood splatter came on the screen. "What is this?" I thought. The title card came up saying "ROCK BOTTOM 2" in bloody letters. The bubble screen came up to the beginning of the episode. SpongeBob and Patrick were jellyfishing. SpongeBob got stung by a huge jellyfish, and he "started melting." Blood started coming out of his head. "Don't worry SpongeBob, lets take the bus to the hospital!" Patrick said, crying. "Okay, P-Patrick." said SpongeBob, hugging Patrick. They went on the bus and gave a coin. There was a substitute bus driver, who was new at bus driving. The bus driver accidentally went into an accident and then the bus was falling into the Rock Bottom floor. Blood coming out of the bus, a lot of fish dead puking lungs and guts out. Really realistic and bloody. Then the bus went on fire. Burning all the bodies except for SpongeBob and Patrick, they escaped. "P-P-Patrick are we there y-yet?" said SpongeBob. "No, its looks like Rock Bottom." said Patrick. "R-ROCK BOTTOM?!" said SpongeBob yelling and crying. "Yes. Sorry, SpongeBob." said Patrick, tears coming down his eyes. Both of them were hugging, SpongeBob saying, "This is goodbye. Patrick." SpongeBob started crying a lot.

There was new monsters in Rock Bottom. They hissed and yelled at SpongeBob & Patrick. One monster ate Patrick's head. Causing his brain to show and lots of blood splattering everywhere. "PATRICK, NO!!!" SpongeBob cried out. "Don't worry, SpongeBob, I'll be in a better place." said Patrick. SpongeBob bursting out tears, another monster came. "What do you want, moron?" said SpongeBob. The monster was holding a slingshot. "GO BACK TO BIKINI BOTTOM!" said the monster yelling. The monster launched SpongeBob to the Krusty Krab. But SpongeBob was on the grill, and it was on. "NO!!! N-N-NO!" said SpongeBob gurgling. He fried into bloody ....... stuff. Then the credits came on. And every name said "Eugene Krabs." with "OH YEAH MR KRABS" music on. WHAT THE...? The End.