The taleEdit

Do you guys know leap frog's the letter factory well i hear theres a lost movie. I first heard about it when we were at school one day the teacher was sick so we had free time. I brought my laptop so i searched up creepypastas, if you been living under a rock since 2010 i'll explain: Creepypastas are long horror stories but there fake or so i thought. I closed my laptop and started talking to my friends. they said that at 6:00 in morning a unreleased episode of the letter factory comes on PBS(since we live in spain) and many other lost footages so i decided to stay up and talk with them through Skype. Then it was 5:30 i was getting tried then my friend came up with an idea: record the TV. so we woke up and saw that normal programing was on darn! so i checked the camera to see if i'd capture any thing. Indeed i captured the episode. The title was in red that read out "Quigley's last word" i thought it was a joke so i kept watching. It cut to quigley in the letter factory he was getting yelled at by his boss mr. websley Then it just cut off and left quigley laughing, but it was echoing a lot. Myself, I started getting a little spooked, but itching to know what would happen, I sat through it. After a few minutes, the laughter cut off and I heard Mr. websley's voice in the background, although he wasn't visible. "Clean this up, you dumb-!" Then I heard a slicing noise and splattering of some sort, and I heard Quigley laughing again. Then, there was a huge flash on the screen. It was Quigley- but half his body was cut off, and he was white, with black eyes and no arms or mouth. I jumped back at the sight of that, and at this point I stood up, ready to turn the TV off. Then Quigley said "you are infected prepare to be cursed!" then a blood splat came on screen and i was knocked out. Later i woke up i still had the footage. Two years after this incident, a man was arrested from a grocery store. Through DNA and fingerprint analysis, the man was identified as one of the original writers of this article who viewed the episode. He was wearing a white coat and had orange hair had a look of unspeakable malice and insanity on his face. When interrogated, the man would only say one thing. "I'm Quigley"