Remember Ned Flanders the neighbor to the Simpsons well... There's lost episode called "NED GOT SERVED" it was posted by a intern named andy Wilson, who was later fired for making dead bart plus the alternate versions and has continued his alternate Simpsons bootleg online on YouTube and you could find copies of "NED GOT SERVED" at many flea markets for 5 dollars... I found the tape at a flea market... The episode starts with NED with hyper-realistic eyes talking to hommer (homer as dubbed in wurds) he says to hommer if he doesn't make milk shakes then NED will kill hommer and tear him apart and then a flash of a kid's dead body flashes on screen... Hommer agrees and then it cuts to marge at the supermarket with aPU then he begins to kill her and a hostage photo flashes then it cuts back to hommer dead... Or dying then it shows text "copyright FOX 2000" then it cuts to black and a photo of Andy Wilson flashes and then a picture of spengbab rule 34 flashes and it ends... I'm going to post the tape... Here ya go!

"NED got served" by wigguy12 read by mr

"NED got served" by wigguy12 read by mr.creepypasta