tell everyone around you that i may be insane. but i am not. i made these lost episoides and posted them online. AND

DON'T JUDGE THEM missing lola is your warning HEAD THIS WARNING. you should've never talked about them

but i suggest your not post anything roblox is safe untill 3 ami am not satans doughter. i am a artistic person i am never online till night time. guess who i am we are now playing 3 questions. can you answer them? then you know who i am and who i was. 1:i love art i go to school i live 2 hours away from my grandmother. 2:i live with my creations

3:i made the episoides.

okay answer them NOW. if not each episoide is now your only warning maria i'm after you same with you ricky and zai

miss hutson follow art into your ways but i follow mine. you might have giveing me bad grade's but i feel nothing i loved your zai and rick UNTILL YOU BROKE YOUR CHANCE. i welcomed you to my game and you rejected beware

zai i'm after you first rickey your next i'll meet you on jail ifyou want to be safe JUST DON'T FOLLOW ME