hello i'm gonna tell a tale of what happened to me the past few days i was at my local flea mart looking for some movies for my saturday movie club i found a copy of frozen and jimmy neutron: boy genius. then something caught my eye it was "mr. peabody and Sherman" written on a disc poorly on the disc in a plastic case i picked it up i asked the clerk how much it was he said it was free. i got so happy i took the disc and headed home i called my buddys and we started watching Sherman starts his first day of school and falls into conflict with classmate Penny Peterson, who he innocently showed up in history class with his first hand knowledge of george washinton Penny bullies and humiliates Sherman, insulting him by calling him a "dog" for being raised by one, which provokes Sherman into biting her. Peabody visits Principal Purdy about the matter, but is confronted by Ms. Grunion, a bigoted agent who threatens to reclaim Sherman if an upcoming home inspection is deemed unfit for him(just the normal stuff) until the tv started getting scartch marks they were carved into my tv they all made out the words "GOODNIGHT" then i walked out only to come back and see my friends all gone... guess they went home i thought until i saw the monster eating my friends one by one then i shot the monster and the tv started flickering red and the power went out.