Random DescriptionEdit

Do You Guys Know Cinnamon He's Always The Good Guy... Right? Well... I Found Proof That... He's Real and Maybe Out to get you... 

Real infoEdit

Mereana "Cinnamon" glesgorv is a controversial real-life bootleg Video featuring an cursed commercial not made by Kellogg's. Like the long-lost but recently discovered "Bad Apple's suicide" tape, The Video was purportedly created by a now imprisoned home movie maker who intended to pass the tape off as the Finale to the 3 parted "Stuck" Saga and featured the true nature of CinnaMon.

How It All StartedEdit

I Was Checking My Mail And Found A Package. I Opened The Package And Found A Tape With A Note, I Read The Note:


I can't take it anymore. You got to destroy the tape, he's too fast for me just destr-"

It Was Ripped At The End. I Decided To Watch The Tape:

all you will see is a 20 second video of a CinnaMon staring intently at you, expressionless, then grinning for the last 2 seconds. The background is undefined.

For Some Reason After I Watc-

Thats all i could get from the viewer's note he wrote for me, The full video lasts 2 minutes, and was Destroyed by Kellogg's after 153 people who viewed the video killed their selfs and mailed their bodies to Kellogg's Factory. The person who uploaded the video was never found, the IP address being non-existant.

Some Day I will find a copy which is being mailed to by "IP999" Weird... But...