blog post#1: hey guys i was on a chat page called iMessage the conversation note my account is marfman22:

marfman22: hey have you guys ever saw that funny hotspot the dog with the guy and the dog.

optimumintern12: yeah i work for the company who makes that ad.

marfman22: hey do you still have the tapes of the missing ads called dead hotspot and ben's walk?.

optimumintern12: yes and no i'm the writer of the dead hotspot and ben's walk.

kirbyfarttastic28: hey guys i found this vid called "hetsspot.wmv"

kirbyfarttastic28: heres the link "".

  • end of the conversation*

thats how i found that video "kirby fart tastic 28" said that he was the only intern to upload/find such video.

many people had tried to get it up but have been fired in the process... i downloaded the video it was the normal ad but the quality was harsh and the sound was corrupted and distorted with loud laughing interrupting it... the intern also said that people get depressed/infected after watching the video i never got infected/depressed maybe it only affects different people.



the video watch at own risk