This is a fact people NEVER knew about me. I AM A NINTENDO AND XBOX FAN!!! And this is a disturbing thing that happend. Note: This is a tomodachi life urban legend AND a hoax. So do not be scared! This pasta may be disturbing so view at your own risk!

Pasta Edit

I was playing my Nintendo 3DS and a everybody was saying "I am sad Seanea is dead, are you?" I said "Why is Seanea dead?" Then I realised the next day. It was because the next day everybody was freaking out saying "Sin would never do that!" Then I realised SIN KILLED SEANEA! I then went to Sin's room, then, it turned out Sin cotmittied suicide, so I had a WHOLE new problem to deal with!

I had new scary and disgusting nightmares that are creepy!

Signed - ninjack23