Do You Remember Kaput And Zosky'? That Show On TeleToon, In the US It Was aired On NickToons Which later Became NickToons Network (My favorite Era since NickToons TV) What You Don't know is Nickeledeon Bought The Rights. They Planned To make A series Finale Which was Cancelled... However! It was Uploaded to many Torrent sites (EX: Pirate Bay) Under "GO TO SLEEP" I Found The File When I Was Downloading My Favorite Dragon Ball Season, I Found That "Go To Sleep" Was An Odd Name. I Downloaded It Anyway, With My Computer Getting The Huge System 32 Virus. I Burned The Episode To A Blank CD-R I Wrote with Black Marker: "Kaput and Zosky: Goodnight My Sweet Prince". I Slammed It Into My Junk Computer And It Played:  It Started With The Usual Flashy Titles But... This Time It Was Dark Blood Red With Black Text Reading "Good Night Sweet Prince..." In Sloppy Hand Writing; The Episode Began With Zosky Fixing Their Ship, Kaput Gets Angry and says "ZOSKY! HURRY WITH THE ROCKET...! OR I'LL KILL YOU AND ME!!"  It Was Loud (Like One of Those Sanic Videos) I Never Heard Kaput Say "He Would Kill His Friend" Kaput Gets A Close Of His Face (It Looked Like one Of those Spengbab pictures) Then He Screams "ZOSKY...ZOSKY...!!" Zosky does not say anything Then Kaput screams "THATS IT!!" The Screen Goes Black And You Could Make Out A "SPLAT!!" Sound, The Screen Comes Back With Kaput Covered In Blood He Looks At The Screen And Says: "Goodnight... My Sweet Prince..." Before It Cuts To Black, Every Since I Watched This I've Been Angry, Mean and Crazy... Please... HELP!!'''