I was looking at my computer at 8:00 in the morning i was 4 years old that day i got a link at the bottom of the website called with gibberish when i got to it it just said something with a spongebob from bootleg episode called dumped the voice said this in russian like this шчы that means why it took the website down and power went out i went to my cable box and my tv turned on i was on the old laptop to do the web i went to my mac it told me to shut it down i did i powered it up my computer crashed and i had nightmares my computer fixed itself at 3:00 pm it went to episode called the murder is coming and spongebobs house instend of a pineapple it was a grape spongebob looked crazy he was watching nick jr and he ate his chair he said fuck you and patrick comes to his door saying that a murder is coming it skipped scenes like crazy then it ended then we see spongebob holding a gun at his door spongebob shot the murder squidward said shut up spongebob said SHUT THE F***K UP so spongebob took suicide and went to static and at his funeral nobody was there but plankton he cried so loud then it cut to other people going there the people were patrick mr krabs and sandy then ended it went to a time card saying 8 days later then everyone wakes up at the night looking for him it was static so you cant hear what there saying skipping scenes then ended Edit

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