A 16 year old girl was just moving in to a house in the middle of a forest. The girls name was Jackie her boyfriends name was Jack. Jack was a serial killer yet her parents did not know. Jack's real name for his serial killer original was Eyeless Jack. But little did Jackie know Jack was going to gouge out her eyes, fill her empty eye-sockets with hot black tar, and give her a mask just like his, but teal. The next morning Jackie woke up with a serious pain in her face. Jack had visited her in the night. And she noticed black goo oozing from her eyes. Then she realized her eyes were missing she couldn't see, and when she tried to touch her face where her eyes were located, she felt plastic. A plastic mask was placed on her face. It looked just like jack's, yet teal colored. She screamed for her mom for an hour, finally her mom arrived home from work and bursted into Jackie's room, screaming," What's wrong?!" And she was immediately sent to a hospital. Three months had passed after the incident with her eyes. She went deep deep into the woods one very dark night, and she found a lit up spot in the woods, a mansion three floors, and three basements. Jackie slowly crept up the porch steps and arrived at the door. She knocked three times and no one answered. She knocked three more times a little bit louder. Someone answered. It was Jack. She hadn't seen Jack in three months she ran up, hugged him, and kissed him for a while, and finally, she went inside. This was a mansion full of serial killers and cannibals. Jackie carried a sack full of clothes. She was invited by Jack to move in with them. She stayed there for five months strait. They called her Eyeless Jackie. Eventually, she started eating kidneys just like Eyeless Jack, her boyfriend.And then she was known as Eyeless Jackie.

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