I was so disturbed by that Dark Days movie I kept having nightmares all day. Two years have passed. I am still disturbed. But then I found out a prequel came out, advertising that the movie was about why and how Greg was obsessed and inspired by that princess.exe thing. I went to see it, and the movie started out as completely normal. Greg, Rowley and Holly were at the pool, continuing from Dog Days. All of a sudden, I kind of saw some red shining in Holly's eyes. It were like she was demented as Satan is when he gets really drunk (trust me, his Youtube videos show him pissing off other people, man). Greg asks Holly if she wanted anymore food. She tells him to fuck off. Then she gets off her air mattress floatie thingy and swims to a corner. She drowns herself. But as she drowned, her head was still on the surface, and her body was going down. Her head and body seperated. It was the worst thing I have ever seen. Greg and Rowley just stared at her, but...they turned back around and enjoyed their hot dogs more. I was wondering: what the fuck? Greg loves Holly, why didn't he care? But then Greg narrated: "That Holly's head thing got me thinking: Maybe I wanna see what happens when I seperate my head". At home, Greg was on his computer. Rodrick walked in. He was going to thank Greg for getting him that gig at Heather's sweet 16. But then Greg got a gun, and then just shot Rodrick three times. He died instantly. "RODRICK...I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING!". Greg would never do that to Rodrick. He is his fucking brother! Greg was on and he found a Creepypasta called Unbranded Laptop. He read it, and he found a link to an application (exe) that plays a big part in the pasta. He watched all of princess.exe. Then he was really inspired. He stares at the camera (the first scene of the original Dark Days film) and the movie ends.

Now I knew all along why Greg was inspired by princess.exe.


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