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Well, I threw that book onto the street. The Wimpy Kid book, Game Over. Now, I would've thought it was ran over, but it was still intact on the ground. I picked it up. I went back in Dad's house. I went on the internet and searched up the book. I got to it's Wikipedia page, and it said that a movie will be made of the book. starring Zachary Gordon again, which I thought was a little odd, because in the Cabin Fever christmas special he didn't do the voice since he was getting old.

The movie was released a few days later. I went to the premiere. The movie started, and it cut from the Fox logo to a cartoon drawing of Greg staring emotionless at the camera. Then it morphed into a live-action version of Greg, played by Zachary Gordon. He was just sitting there. And guess what? He told us he was inspired by princess.exe and he was going to self-mutilate himself. First, he took out a bag of morphine, shoved the entire contents into his mouth, and then swallowed it. Then he grabbed a saw and did exactly what the little girl did on the princess.exe thing. I was going to run out, but I was stopped by these disturbing security guards. They stared at me, and I saw some red in their eyes, so I ran back.

Greg now had half of his face sawed off already. His ear was chopped off. Blood was gushing like a waterfall onto his desk. Then in the background, the door opens and Rowley comes in. He stares at Greg, picks up a gun, and randomly kills himself with it. Greg skinned himself raw now, and he wasn't finished yet. He then gets some acid and pours it on his face, and his face gets eaten up graphically, and so does his entire self. He is now a green-brownish-red zombie-like person, shriveled up.

I puked so hard blood almost came out. Then he disintergrates and melts. And then, the movie stopped. Everyone was still, sitting in their chairs. Emotionless.

They stood up, looking towards me. And then they started walking at me. I ran out, and I was chased by these people. I opened my eyes to find myself in bed.

It was all a dream.

But I leaned over and saw the book on my bedside table