Dead Norbert.wmvEdit

I found this episode on my computer in mid 2005. I was cleaning out my computer i found a folder called "nicktoons lost scripts". I found another folder inside the folder called "deadnorbert". i opened the folder and found a text MS word document it said:

"This image was taken from a split second frame in the corrupted bootleg of the angry beavers unaired episode 'bye bye beavers.' Other than the image, the rest of the video is composed of incomprehensible jumbles of colors, static, or just black screens. The audio seems to be a heavily distorted version of the audio from the original episode, with loud, droning buzzes occasionally interrupting it. The bootleg tape itself was made in December 2010 and planned to air in june 1 2014 by animators Of these 5 individuals, 2 have died, 1 has gone missing, 1 refuses to comment on the tape, and the last hastily agreed to give paranormal investigators the tape shortly after being interviewed about the disappearances of the other 3 persons. The current whereabouts of the tape are unknown, and many who stare at this image for a long enough period of time claim to see Norbert blink..."

I wondered why this episode caused all this buzz for some reason i checked out more and just noticed i'm in 2005 how could they predict the future? then the watched the video:

This scene showed Norbert at his desk in this scene, instead of staying at one contrast, the colors kept on flickering from light to dark. Norbert gripped the pencil in his hand, and a tear rolled down his face. The part that bothered me the most was that the tear didn’t look like the usual blue, cartoon-style tears the characters in nickeledeon cartoons usually cry out. This tear looked completely realistic, as if there had been a drop of water rolling down my TV from his eye. Norbert wiped the tear from his face with his hand, and began to write on the paper, reading out loud what he was writing.

“I can’t take it anymore,” he said. As soon as he got that sentence out, a faint noise started playing in the background. It sounded like a child crying. This noise continued playing as Norbert continued writing.

"My best friend dag, is only my best friend because he doesn’t know any better and i killed him..." he spoke "he is as well dead just as i am..."

"I got to give myself up then he saw visions of the dead dag telling that the world does not need him anymore and that he should join him then the screen flickered and the episode ended.

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