You guys all know that Mcdonalds commercial "grimace not so nice"? There's a reason they don't show it anymore. The last day the commercial was used, instead of a normal running time of (estimated) 4 seconds, it ran for an extended period of time until the automated services were overtaken by manual operation. Once again, it's supposedly only run for about nine seconds, and this is a rough transcript of the usual audio: Resonating metal, followed by a rumble, followed by scraping metal, and other rumble. Grimace's arm were bending in inpossible shapes Uhh... i don't want to remember... The metal continued to resonate, and the scraping continued. Slowly, an uncontrollable sobbing came clearer. Not one person was crying, but a multitude of people were screaming and yelling. The question asked the most among the few who remember this is how Mcdonalds got the audio in the first place...

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