• Sans4307

    teen titans lost episode

    August 27, 2017 by Sans4307

    1 day I was watching teen titans when a new episode was going to show. I loved teen titans so I was happy. When it started the music was backwards. Ok I said. 1 mess up is fine. I soon learned it was a mistake. Lets fast forward the titans were crying when I saw robins head. Ok what the fuck was this. Star said "Why robin". Ok I'm done I said. But the TV wouldn't turn off. Nope I said. I went to the bathroom and came back uhgh it was on commercials when i left. NOO. I saw Best boy and Cyborg on the ground bleeding raven said "its over". She and Star left to go to the city. Raven was driving when they crashed. Star lived but raven died of indreys. Star said"My friends died now i will" she hung herself on a tree the credits said SATIN IS OUR…

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