introduction: Do you know optimum's hotspot the dog commercial from 2012? Well, I hear there's one that was unreleased, even to the most avid hotspot fans.

According to most sources, it's nothing special. it's just a continuous loop (like in the Flintstones) of ben (Hotspot's owner) walking past six buildings for two or three minutes before fading out.

after it cut to black people thought that was it but it wasn't.


the pasta: 

Back in 2012, my friend Davis and I found a tape inside a box from a auction we went to in Turlock, California. The tape was labeled "Ben's Walk". We decided to go back to his place and watch the tape.

It was a optimum ad with hotspot the dog, It started instantly. The video was black and white and low quality. It was a clip of ben walking. You may already know of this, but I'll explain to those who don't. Every 10 seconds or so, he would deform into an odd shape. The music that was playing was seemed happy, but very eery. After the tape played for a bit, the music got louder and Ben looked as if he was scared. At this point, I had to "go", so I ran to the bathroom. Davis however continued. From the bathroom, I kept listening. The volume went back to normal, but another 5 seconds later, the volume went up again. But, right at the moment you'd think it was about to end, the volume blasts and static noises appeared. I ran to the room and saw Davis's eyes literally turn inside out. Gore and blood rushed from his eyes. He started wiggling and bending in impossible positions as he scrambled on the floor, as if he was possessed. I screamed in horror as this all went down. Until suddenly, a gianormous pain came upon my head, and I passed out.



the two people watching the tape were never seen again, in the collection of tapes, the tape "Ben's walk" was there. someone recorded the tape and uploaded it somewhere on youtube under the name "benswalk.avi" if you see it don't watch it and tell me i know its out there... somewhere come back at me- NM



Ben's walk

Ben's walk.avi

the video