Do you know Akira Nijino? He is the sixth ToQger who always thinks every place he battles in will be his place to DIE. Well, this video circulating around on the internet totally proved that. It was called Akira.mp4. I thought it would be him talking about his character and stuff, but it was way different. I loaded the video, and it gave me a warning that said:

WARNING:Video may cause your computer to become unstable. Are you sure youwant toplaythefyilewqew??

It's like the person who created the warning had some sort of keyboard stroke or something at the end. I clicked Yes.

Well, it started off with Akira walking in the rain playing his harmonica, but something was really off. He was going off-key, he had baggies on him labeled 'XTC', and his face was deformed. He then just dropped dead after finishing the music. His body started melting like a film-strip in an overheated projector. There was bubbles, it was orange, it looked like pancakes being cooked. He then just dissolved into nothing. I did not know what was going to happen, but the movie started melting, and while it was, I heard Akira's voice saying..."YOU'RE NEXT".


It was midnight, way past curfew and I ran out of the house. I ran around the street just screaming, people waking up wondering why the fuck was I up at 1:00 AM in the morning. Police were after me, I was arrested, and they told me I was in a mentally unstable condition. I layed down, and closed my eyes, passing out. But, I woke up with shock, in bed. My brother was telling me to "GET THE FUCK UP, ASSHOLE!".