You know that game "A pair of pears: Lights camera willy" right? well... just A couple of days ago i was searching for ROM of the game. I found a official beta ROM entitled "APAIROFPEARS.EXE" the description of the ROM was: "?ouy t'nevah etaf elbirret a htiw tem ev'uoy". I was confused but... pressed on... hoping it was a sick twisted joke like the rest. The title screen appeared this time saying "A DEAD PAIR OF DEAD PEARS: RED LIGHTS DEATH EVIL" I was freaked out but again pressed on. The file save screen popped up there were two files on was "HUGO" and the other was "IS WATCHING" and the third was just gone... instead replaced with "BETATESTROOM.EXE". I picked BETATESTROOM.EXE and it brought to a weird picture and a song playing in reverse. Then the Computer showed a picture with the words "THERE IS NO SUNSHINE NICK" who the heck did he know my name... Then the game showed pictures of creepy cartoons then the file save screen popped up. This time the beta test room file was gone instead was the words "HUGO COMES HUGO WATCH YOU HE WAS DROWNED" Then the computer shut off and The power went out.