I'm sure many of you know the "ALS ice bucket challenge". If you don't it's where you take a bucket of water and ice and dump it all over your head. You probably are wondering "What's so spooky about that?". Well it's not just used by ALS but the illuminati too. It's an old ritual, Where you dump a bucket of poison snake blood all over you. Which ends with you getting cursed.

ALS used water instead of blood, so no one gets suspicious. ALS goes way back to Egyptian times, ALS stands for:

A: alive

L: lice

S: sacrifice

They were apart of the cult known as the illuminati and the masons, They used to sacrifice people by doing the snake blood challenge which ends up cursing them and the curse is bad luck and misfortune. The snake blood is a satanic symbolism in the ALS cult. Suddenly in seconds, Indians towered over ALS, creating what we know today is America.

In 2014, ALS came back. Snake blood sacrifice was banned to preform on humans so they used holy water instead. After you do the ritual, your cursed with lust and bad luck. Also you'll die in 3 days after doing the ice bucket challenge.

1. Do not do the ALS ice bucket challenge! Doing it causing bad luck

2. Do not donate to ALS, greed is all they want

And last but not least...

3. Do not contact ALS! This causes bad luck as well!

Will people listen and wake up? Probably not...