(This is not a cursed video or game but a strange hidden Easter egg in the movie bio Broly that tried to kill me and failed! sorry if their is any bad grammar feel free to fix it-author)

Backstory: this story is about a hidden Easter egg in the bio Broly movie's audio that was edited to hide the curse!

Blog entrys: Sep 3 2003 6:08 pm to am-My friends are interns at the studios that makes dragonball z and they have a guy who is their friend and my friend and my friends and him told me an urban legend of smile "goten" they showed me a way to make the curse work they said smile smile smile at the computer screen and the computer did something un possible and went to a website and we watch the movie bio Broly on it that it its freaking self except the audio seemed......different to me it sounded like kid "goten" singing a poem over and over and OVER! that sounded like this: Guess where I the blood bath...... Guess where I the damned blood bath...... its me........if you'm watching.....IMWATCHINGYOU All hail me in the sea like a bee it is me you can see be like me as you see FrEaKiNg ObEy! Or me!.......... ________________________________________________________ I told them but they said I was just having a hard time hearing and ran home with them to a have a sleep over and I f**king swear I saw....IT at the corner of my eye: it was goten but with a big smile and a knife covered with red liquid. I sruged it off and went to sleep.

Sep 4 2003-I woke up the next day and all my friends were dead....I CALLED 911! With tears rushing down my face....):

youtube channel 2005-I opened my YouTube channel (theofficaldragonballzchannel) and got my job as an intern at funiamation yay me!-(:

2006-I have went to comic con and got free stuff and visit my friends graves-):

July 2007-I decided to set up fire works for 4th of July-(:

Present day 2013-I was on my computer humming to smile HD by misterdave and said smile (3 times) and the computer opened the same page my friends showed me and I watched the whole bio Broly and saw goten as kid right next to me singing SMILE! And he was trying to slash a knife at me I punched his face in and took his knife and killed him! And said GO TO SLEEP! (I like Jeff creepypasta) and put him in the computer and deleted him as goten said thank you..nick for destroying me to stop the...beast and I took the website down! Deleting goten and every info on the character! Or episode having him in it I erased goten from the world and every time you or I see him its only your imagination........